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Here’s some Really Great Makeup that’s not gonna break the bank! xo’s ~ Tati

This is a great video to show that you don’t need to always spend $50 on an eyeshadow palette, or $30 for a primer.

Below are some links to a few of the items she featured in the video! I also included a few similar products that I’ve tried and love (Essence mascara is FANTASTIC!)

I’ve also kept the list of all products she speaks about and the totally affordable prices!

Enjoy!!! :)


✔ P R O D U C T S  M E N T I O N E D


Col Lab Soft Spot Sheer Blush // First Base $11.99

BH Cosmetics Desert Oasis Color Shadow & Highlighter Palette

Catrice Strobe to Glow Highlighter Stick // Ultra Golden Galaxy 030 $8.99
Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer // Candlelight 010 $10.99

Makeup Revolution Glitter Bomb // Interrupted $7


Essence Instant Volume Boost Mascara $4.99

Makeup Revolution Eyeliner // Black $9.00

Makeup Revolution Crushed Pigments // Goody Two Shoes $7
Makeup Revolution Crushed Pigments // Minted $7

Catrice Cosmetics Aqua Fresh Highlighting Eyeshadow // Water Lights 010 $7.99
Catrice Cosmetics Aqua Fresh Highlighting Eyeshadow // Luminous Sensation 020 $7.99


Essence Butter Stick Glossy love Lip Gloss // Sweet Frosting 02 $2.49

Catrice Cosmetics Lip Cushion // Rather Be At Coachella 010
Catrice Volumizing Lip Balm //Beauty-Full Lips $4.99