Trick or Treat!

As summer winds down, its time to start planning for shorter days, cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and the holiday that people of all ages love- Halloween!

As kids we loved to dress up and walk around the neighborhood in hopes of our favorite candy.

As adults, we love to dress up and instead of going door to door, we now have elaborate parties or bar crawls!

The great part of this holiday is that we get to be super creative and show off our make up skills that we can’t do on the daily. Some opt for the super simple vampire- light make up with some “blood” dripping off the lip, while others go all out and give the Hollywood Special FX artists a run for their money!

Whats your favorite costume and look? Do you go for simple or complex?

While you decide on a costume, check out the deals I found on make up, costumes and super cute home decorations!