Halloween is coming, are you still worried about not finding the right Halloween accessory? Is it troubled without a good decoration? Don’t worry, coming to us will give you an unexpected experience.


1.Elf ears are easier to wear based on the unique structural design of the human ear.

2. With premium latex, Elf’s ears are softer and more comfortable.

3. The Latex Elf Ears are flexible and durable and very lightweight.


Light skin tone (due to different light, there may be some color difference. Please understand correctly.)


1.77 x 4.7 inches (long)

1.77 x 3.94 inches (short)

1.77 x 3.94 inches (Fluorescence short)

Package Contents:

Short Elf Ears: 1 pair

Long Elf Ears: 1 pair

Fluorescent elf ear: 1 pair

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by email to avoid delays in your plan. Dissatisfied with our products, please contact us for a new one., I wish you happy!

[High quality, easy to clean]: Made of high quality latex, this stylish elf has no peculiar smell, is very soft and will not hurt the ears, suitable for most people. It can be cleaned and reused after use, and the elf’s ears will remain on the next holiday.
[Easy to use and wear]: Our elf ears are made of moulds, so their design matches the size of the average human ear. But we can guarantee that these Halloween Elf ears are suitable for most adult women and teenagers. Just connect it to your ear and if you feel relaxed, double-sided tape etc. Paste it.
[interesting design]: If you want a unique elf ear. You can use some foundation to apply them to suit your skin tone. You can apply the dye to the ear of the elf to make up the makeup. You can use this project as a small game for family Halloween events. As a recent Halloween, your decor is very special. This may be your best choice.
[Applicable to all occasions]: This guide is for Halloween parties, Christmas parties, role playing, masquerade, make-up parties and elf-themed events. Use it to play anime elves, fairy, blood elves, goblins, vampires , hobbits, etc. As a charming cosplay elf, this is indispensable for the ears.
[FOLDABLE AND DURABLE]: Our Elf ears are a color that matches the human skin. Carefully designed, you can pull our elf ears at will, and the rubber can stretch elastically. It can be used for a few years, reducing the cost you don’t have to repeat, the sprite is small, curved and folded, and easy to store.