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Like it or not, COVID is real. So here are some simple ways to keep yourself protected.

– WEAR A MASK! Are they comfy? No. Are they hot? Yes. But look at the brightside- you don’t have to wear make up, and you lessen your chances from spreading or catching a potentially deadly disease!

– WASH YOUR HANDS! This is something everyone should have been doing all along… But remember that some people are gross. Wash your hands for the length of time it takes you to sing the alphabet/twinkle twinkle little star song.

– SANITIZE! Hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes for counters, desks, keyboards, ATMs. Use them to protect yourself!

-SOCIAL DISTANCING! We all miss going out for a drink or bite to eat. We all miss running to the store for a new pair of shoes, or the latest palette by our favorite MUA. But the less you go out, the safer you are. And there are a lot of people with compromised immune systems, that can’t go anywhere. So, be safe. Do a puzzle, read a book, start a new hobby!

Below are a few items to help you through this challenging time!


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