Top items for a better nights sleep! 6


Sleep- when we get it, it is wonderful… But when we don’t get enough, we are grumpy, our health is affected, we can’t focus, and it feels like we are a zombie!

Getting enough zzz’s is super important for so many reasons, and here are some super simple ways to help get you on your way to a sound sleep.

  • Start with a great bath, with epsom salts. Epsom salt is great for releasing toxins, helping sore muscles and getting us in a relaxed state. Check out the lavender scent!
  • Get comfy! Super soft PJs and sheets are wonderful to help get you relaxed. A weighted blanket is a sure fire way to melt away stress and get you counting sheep!
  • Sound machines and pillow spray are the cherry on the top to help get you ready for a wonderful night’s sleep.

What do you do to help get a great night’s sleep?