Bellesky — Create beautiful art on eye and different mood everyday for you.

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Choose Bellesky Colored Mascara. Bring you wonderful charm and different moods.

Bellesky Colored Mascara Features:

* 7 wonderful various colors meet your any needs for a truly unique look.

* Waterproof and Long lasting,keep you charming all day.

* Long & Voluminous Mascara,create a perfect eye makeup look.

* Easy to apply and clean, Perfect Gift for Ladies.

* Packaging:7 PCS Mascara Set (01,02,03,04,05,06,07)

Colored Lashes Mascara — It has 7pcs vivid colors:black,blue,red,yellow and so on.Colored mascaras make you have shinning big eyes,releasing your charm.What’s more,you could have different mood in week,sticking you out from the crowd.
Waterproof and Long lasting — It’s waterproof and long lasting,very easy for daily use.And it’s easy to glide on your eyelash & easy to remove with a simple makeup remover.
Long & Voluminous Mascara — Using uniquely formulated to resist clumping,it could build lashes up to 2X natural length.The volume maximizing brush thickens lashes evenly & smoothly,creating your perfect eye makeup look.
Natural Lash Mascara — For comfortable & safe products,we specialized in developing enriched and comfortable formula.It’s extremely soft and hypoallergenic mascara ,very kind to your skin.
A Perfect Makeup Gift — With 7 different colors,it will be an ideal for girls or ladies on Birthday Party,Cosmetic Show,Live Show,Prom Night,Dance Party,Wedding Makeup.